Genus Breeding Plc

Mega Electrical were approached by multi national company Genus Breeding PLC to find a solution for their home and workplace charging. The company has over 500 vehicles in the fleet many of which are based for employees homes. They also have offices through out the Uk and the world. Spending time with the fleet manager and getting to understand how the business worked meant that we were able to come up with a solution that covered all the clients needs and did not cost a fortune to run.

Using the EO genius chargers, hubs and back office meant the company can easily add drivers to the system allowing different privileges for different drivers. The system also allow administrators to see who as charged at home and is able to reimburse their employees.

The first chargers were installed at the Genus head office in Nantwich and have been rolled out to other depots and individuals houses.

“I was passed Carl William’s details from a colleague after talking about the need for car charging points at our office, we have over 150 office employees and 300+ more working in the field so we know that in the future the need for charging ports will be vital, MEGA Electrical were onsite within a few days and talking me through costs, software and government grants etc. can not fault this company chargers were installed last week and the software and apps are so user-friendly, will be using this company when we roll this out to our other sites in the uk.”

Ben Walker - Genus Breeding Ltd